Welcome to GRO designs. Whether you’ve stumbled upon us because you enjoy a pleasantly surprising pop of color or inspiration for your coffee table, you’re tying the knot or having a dinner party, we’re glad you’re here. We are a collection of kindred spirits who tap into their love of music, color, texture and design to push ourselves creatively beyond the expected and overdone. Whether designing for a corporate event or a wedding celebration, there is always room to push boundaries and set new standards.

Meet Our Team

Meet our fearless leader! His infectious energy and zest for all things light, color and sound make all who know him want to grab onto life with the same gusto. In 2007, GRO designs came into the world to knock your literal socks off with artistic twists in event, corporate and home floral design. As our creative director, he views venues and locations like a blank canvas and can elaborately transform any space into a polished work of art. His work allows clients to tell their story, highlighting individual tastes, passions and loves while maintaining originality that’s “outside the box.” It is little wonder that Nathan has designed for the likes of David Yurman, Michael Jordan and Roberto Cavalli, gaining notoriety in his field through his elegant yet edgy creations.

Brandon would be what some would call the plant whisperer. Designing and executing alongside his brother, Nathan, Brandon’s intense education in horticulture makes him our botany expert. As our operations manager, he also oversees the day to day at our Design and Bridal Studio.  From soil to sunshine, Brandon has all the answers for maintaining and enjoying landscape, corporate and event design.

Krisi’s keen eye for wedding design and her ability to tap into the mind of a newly engaged bride makes her a commodity when it comes to planning and organizing weddings. With a sweet and sincere demeanor that will disarm you in a matter of seconds, she maintains the kind of close working relationship with each client that builds instant trust and rapport. Krisi also works closely with our corporate clients whether it is monthly installations or lavish events.

John Paul
This guy has a knack for installation construction, heck, any kind of construction. John Paul produces incredible structural work that enhances many components of the event design projects at GRO. His “office” walls are decorated with every tool that cuts, hammers, glues or screws. He loves the challenge of knowing something needs to be created, visual or conceptual, and setting his heart to getting it done. Some of his GRO creations include custom stages for artists such as Pitbull and Erykah Badou, custom fabricated chuppas, lighting installations and so much more. He is truly gifted in his ability to create from raw materials and his work is an integral part of our execution process.

GRO With Us


Whether you use GRO for your wedding invitations, your business, anniversary, corporate event, or wedding flowers, be assured you will receive cutting-edge and remarkable designs from the most capable and dedicated staff in Dallas.

We want you to enjoy our space. Enjoy our creations. Enjoy our design. But most of all just enjoy.

Creatively Yours,

Photography by www.shaunmenary.com